Halo 5 Grifball Take Out Boot Option Petition

I don’t know if I’m allowed to do a petition but I would like to have as many people who want the 3 betrayal booting option taken out or at least increased to join the petition so us Grifball players don’t have to worry about getting kicked in a Grifball game for 3 betrayals and not be paranoid about where we swing. The banhammer is very ridiculous

Names for petition:

  1. Vinierlobster1 (Me)

I saw a mod say petitions aren’t allowed. Plus griffball without a betrayal booting system turns into halo 4, where you had to fight the red team and your own team at the same time

Petitions are not allowed on the Waypoint Forums

What they said, petitions are not allowed on the forums. A request to get the thread closed would be wise.

Soon as 343i does that, then people are allowed to purposely betray without consequence, which is worse.