Halo 5 Good or Nah?

I don’t have it yet so I just want to know if people like it or not and why.

Haha, I see that there is an I hate it already.

It depends. In my opinions, It like Halo 2 all over again. Some love it, Some hate it and some are mixed and a small faction of it don’t care.

best gaem evr 8/8 -IGN “Not enough Chief”

Halo 2 is my favorite so it must be good :wink:

If it’s anything like halo 2 it’ll be hard for me to get offline and goto work lol.

It’s got Halo in it, and I hear he is awesome.

Too bad I have to wait a while longer for Halo 5.

I like the way warzone looks

Ooh, Live Launch!

I like Halo 5 for sure.

Campaign Gameplay - awesome.
Campaign Experience - meh.
Campaign Story - terrible.

Multiplayer - haven’t been able to play it yet, but if the beta was anything to go by, unbelievable.

Halo 5 already

A lot of people don’t like the Campaign. I better go see for myself. I don’t know, only 3 levels with Master Chief…

Not sure yet, iv’e only been playing it for an hour but i can say that i’m having more fun with it than i did with Halo 4.