Halo 5 getting down to it

lets start withe the campaign and i wont go in too much detail for possible spoilers reasons. the story is a bit underwhelming and the characters are lackluster. the only character that really showed they were worth my time was cortana and i have to say to me that’s kind of lame especially when you have a new protagonist. the boss fights are just copy and pasted. your teammates AI is pretty bad and really noticeable when you need to be revived and they just run into crates and get caught and you die from bleeding out because of it. the legendary ending caught my attention and makes me want more but even then i was disheartened because after that i got no rewards for beating it on legendary. it may just be me grown accustom to old halo games giving armor for beating it on harder difficulties but to me that was a real letdown. now to the multiplayer. the multiplayer for the most part is great. it feels like a competitive shooter which is i know what they were aiming for to make it a big mlg game again. the combat is a bit slower than halo 4 but i feel like it is paced well for what it is. new controls and mechanics are nice although personally i prefer them off which is nice of them to add an option to do so. the call outs are also a nice and yet again in my opinion a welcomed edition. the 3 main problems with the multiplayer are: lack of a social playlist so you’re always worried about rank (at least when you play arena), precision weapons, and poorly built maps. now with the playlist topic as good as i have been doing in arena i hate always having to worry about my rank. you cant just go in and enjoy a game without the enemy team going full try hard and half the time wolf packing around the map. another bother is you dont get an infection mode which i can see why because the game lacks a social playlist and i cant see it being competitive in any way, but the fact that a classic game mode isnt there is yet another let down. now to precision weapons. holy -Yoink- precision weapons in this game are ridiculous. they fire relatively fast and have zero recoil which is a major problem. then the magnum. the fact that the magnum can be used better than a DMR should speak volumes itself. i feel like all precision weapons need a decreased fire rate of about 15% then i think they would be perfect. as for the magnum either the same drop in fire rate or halve the damage and give it an increased fire rate just something to balance that out. now onto the maps. most arena maps are fairly balanced but then again you only play on about 4-5 maps doing slayer or swat. then you get to the worst 2 maps in the game Orion and Pegasus. Orion is a unique map and could have been a great map in any other halo game but in one dominated by precision gunfights it’s -Yoink-. it’s open with little cover and find myself getting spawn killed ever other spawn or so just for how spread out and open it is. speaking of how open it is you can get out of the map a little bit but if you do insta death no count down you just flop over dead which is really annoying. as for Pegasus it’s not as bad but it’s also very open but the map itself is a little smaller so it’s easy to get spawn killed. something that is also irritating is you dont even get an option to vote where you play you just get stuck going where the game feels like throwing you.
i know it has been me bashing the game for the most part i do enjoy the game but when it’s good it’s great and when it’s bad it’s terrible.