halo 5 gaurdians,aiming to the right is WAY slower

Just played a few games of the new halo 5 online and the aiming to the left up and down are all normal speed but when i aim to the right it is horribly slow to the point it is unplayable. i have tried changing button and stick layouts and it is not aim assist. Is this a game bug issue or controller or…??? Any help with how to fix this would be very much appreciated. halo 2 was a disaster and now this on halo 5 that cost 80 bucks, unbelievable.

thanks for any help

I’ve noticed that too and it gets me killed at times.

is it just to the right with you as well? if someone comes at me from the right or moves to my right side i stand no chance. i can spin in almost 3 circles to the left standing still with the right stick in the time it takes me to go to the right one circle

I haven’t noticed this, but I haven’t been paying attention to much attention to it.

It’s even worse when they’re up close to you as well.

if you dont notice it within a game or 2 your probably ok as it is very noticable, im going to try a reinstall see if that helps

I have also experienced this since launch and apparently it has something to do with the controllers themselves but it only affects some of them, no idea why though.

Thank god it’s not just Me. This has been driving Me nuts ever since I first noticed it. I’ve found that if you hold right long enough, the looking/turning speed switches to normal, it’s only slow at the start… But that’s more than enough time to flank and kill a target I.E. Me.

Oh thank god, that mean the OP and I aren’t crazy after all lol

I have encountered this. I thought I was just even worse than I thought I was. I don’t think it happens all the time, for me.

I’d have a gun fight and once the opponent moves to my right, the reticle just lags behind them rather slowly. It is pretty much instant death at that point.

I have also pretty much been playing the game turning just left because turning right is so bad for me, hopefully they fix this soon.

This absolutely has to be a controller issue.

I had the same problem