Halo 5 Gaurdian Wishlist Part 1

The ideas below are my opinion on how Halo 5 can please the competitive and casual gamers, the forgers, the machinima makers and hard core lore fans, Please respect my ideas and remember that this what I want in Halo 5 and though the ideas may be far-fetched some can easily be implemented and I even explained why some features should be in

-Make the player cap 64 so more people can be in one game.
-The ability to control weather and time and day
-Allow players to change the over all color of forge objects
-Allow players to change from forge to custom games so they can test out their maps with less time consumption.
-Have folders for maps so players can organize what maps they have neatly
-Destructible environments(For certain things)
-More Biomes in forge world

  • Add more blank canvasses to forge such as a city, desert, underwater, space, a grass land, a mountainous region, a swamp, and an Iceland and make these maps 4 times the size of fore world
    -Have an unlimited budget that is obtained through ranking up and warns you if you exceed the budget
    -Allow players to copy and paste huge structures all at once from place to place
  • Allow terrain editing for better forge environments
    -Have harsh whether like tsunami, tornadoes, earthquakes and so on for interesting effects
    -Have clouds on forge maps, underwater scenery and marine life in fore maps with an ocean, and passing comets in other space maps
  • Allow players to spawn animals in forge either friendly or hostile
    -Allow players to freely walk underwater and see clearly too while they are in the water
    -Allow players to add music of their choice and when it plays to custom games
    -Add time slots where for one certain amount of time its one time of day, or wheatear then the next time slot it changes, and you can determine how long each slot is.
    -Copy and paste structures built in forge and save them in a file which you can spawn it like a regular item in your map or in someone else’s world
    -Make 3D models on the CPU and send them to xbox so it can be used on forge
  • Items can have a specific property like a player with an energy sword can jump high or a player in the passenger seat has infinite amo
    -Have friendly and hostile animals in forge world, some of the animals could be infected by flood for a more menacing appearance.
    -Allow players to make machinery in forge similar to Little Big Planet or Minecraft’s Redstone so that players can make advance or simple machines; something as simple as an elevator or as advance as a functioning train station.
    -Instead of just highjacking allow players to do thing like rip of the engine/wings, place a grenade in the vehicle, pick it up and throw the vehicle, or punch it. Some of these animations are unlocked by ranked
  • to Be able to drive the AA Wraith, Specter, Scarab, Seraph, Vampire, Space Banshee Shadow,Wolverine, Vulture, Hawk, Gremilns ,Grizzly Tank, Cyclops, Pelican, Long Sword, Broad Sword, Hornet, Falcon, Trains, Phantom, Litch, and Mammoth, boats, submarines and forerunner vehicles
    With all these features forgers can make awesome maps for either their machinima or custom map.

Though these vehicles may be overpowered they could be balanced out or only seen in forge and campaign and I will help machinima makers if they were in forge.
-Play as Elites and Brutes
Allow elites to dual wield energy Swords in multiplayer
-Brutes are strong and have incredible jump leap but have low stamina and can’t use human weapons.

  • The ability to play as forerunners but they can’t use amour ability or non-forerunner guns or vehicles, and they are slow but they can teleport(By deciding where they want to go) disintegrate breakable items, use telekinesis and dual wield heavy weapons, and like elites they have sets of armor .
    Forerunner and Brutes may be big and overpowered but it would nice to play as one in certain custom games after obtaining a high rank

Have a Spartan Ops that goes through the Forerunner-Precursor War, the Human-Forerunner War, and the Forerunner-Flood war and the ability to play as the Humans, Forerunners, Precursor, San-Shyum and flood to get their perspective on the war.
This will answer so many questions like, What were the Precursors and their technology like , how did the Forerunners beat the Precursors, what was the human cure for the flood, and what was Ancient Human, San-Shyum, and Forerunner ccivilizations’ were like. And if it was a dlc many fans would buy it.
-Give Spartan ops a Hub world
Instead of having the same Spartan ops missions have mission like the following:
Stealth Missions
Search and Destroy
Vehicle Driving Missions
Outer Space Mission
Assassination Mission
Protection Mission
Delivery Mission
Survival Missions
Space battles
This will make for a more interesting Spartan Ops.

-Games like COD and Battle Field have dozens of weapons, each class should have two of each weapon, for example humans should have two snipers and so on

  • Make a Covy Shotgun, a Brute sniper, rocket launcher, turret, and a forerunner grenade launcher and turret.
    -Add weapon from the lore
    -Allow elites to use the Energy Stave
    This will add a variety of weapons to use in Halo 5
    -Bring back armour effects
    -put weapon skins on all weapons
    -Bring back boss fights skulls and maybe even a warthog run
    -Bring back the Arbiter in some way
    -Bring back Invasion but it can be between the Spartans, Covenant, Flood, and Forerunner
    -bring back equipment like the bubble shield and gravity lift and so on
  • Classic Infection
    -Veto a Player
    -A Halo 3 style but with assassinations, amour abilities, and sprint
    -Bring back dual wielding
    -Make it you can only do assassinations when you unlock the combat knife and attach it to your armor, without it you can only pummel enemies like in halo 3
    -Allow different genders to have different assassinations
    -Make the assassination silent to anyone else besides the person doing the assassination and the person getting assassinated
    -Allow players to assassinate two players at once if they are standing right next to each other
    -Bring Back Firefight but with the ability to edit it like a forge map.
    -Bring back Halo reach menu
    -Make the armor look like halo 3 and Reach armor
    -Make it so the more you play the dirtier your armor gets and you can pay to get it clean with credits
    -Bring back gametypes like race, oddball multi team and so on
    Bring these aspects back will make old fans happy
  • Add a new aspect into the game that allows you to counter assassination. This works by when you are getting assassinated you press a button allowing you to counter the assassination. When you do this you will do a cool animation either using your bare hands or your weapon . however this take good timing and only works on certain assassinations and this will hardly ever happen in games, but it will be rewarding.