Halo 5 Gameplay Issues/opinions In Matchmaking

I have a few issues I want to address. I actually am really annoyed with the Warzone, and some of the gameplay in general. I love it, I really do, but having 8 players team on you when you try to attack one, and having your K/D go to high negatives for that sucks, but that’s gameplay. Also I have been seeing my player killed through gunshots through the walls? It’s not lag, that’s for sure, as it shows up in theater. I would like 343 to make something so people can’t camp at enemy bases and hijack your vehicles upon spawning. I spawned my first Scorpion that I went through a lot to unlock, and immediately had it hijacked from me within 5 seconds. I was really bummed about that, honestly. I am not bad at the game, but there are some things they really need to tweak, especially the tryhards being able to camp in areas and ruin the fun of using the expensive or high level REQ items, such as vehicles like the Scorpion, Wraith, or Mantis.
I would like classic BTB and what not added I really enjoy the classic 8 on 8 still. Don’t get me wrong, the new Warzone, Breakout, and other gametypes are really fun, but there are things that need some improvements. Spawn camping is one of them. In Swat I have a major issue where I’ve had players spawn right in my face and headshot me or punch me before I could even react? I have also spawned a few feet from where I last died so the players just look over and immediately headshot me after spawning in, since the spawning time is instantaneous in the Swat gametype. This has happened a few times in a row, on The Rig map, for example. think the spawning locations need to be fixed a bit so that doesn’t happen, and the spawn type have a small delay, so it’s not instant death from other players. I can’t react because there’s no time to dash or move. I mean I like that they’re fast paced games, but some of this is a bit stressing or annoying. :confused: Does anyone else agree?