Halo 5 Gamebattles

Hello everyone,

I am looking for 3 people to make a Halo 5 Gamebattles team with. I just want 3 solid players who are willing to do some matches whenever there is free time. I don’t want this to be a serious team trying for HCS or anything like that. Just a group of people who play competitively and want to make a team.

Thank you.

Hey man, my buddy and I are attempting to get a team together to grind and play competitively online with. We are laid back, competitive, type of players but we sit back after games and try to learn from our mistakes. We are looking to hit those high Onyx levels but we can’t go far with just the two of us. If you are willing to grind with us message me on XBL GT is bobbys love. We want to go over game film, strategies, etc at times to maximize our skill. I hope to hear from you soon.

By the way we usually play around 9pm EST through out the night but our times can change if needed.


I will add and message you by tonight!