Halo 5 game moderators.

Halo 5 is an amazing game. Fun for every with the 20+ categories to play. However, the fun has stopped because of what Microsoft/343 has taunted players with called the banhammer. There is no list of rules to follow, no way to tell how or why you have received a ban, or why the duration of your ban was decided at xx amount of time. I for one don’t feel that I do anything to hurt or offend any other players. I do not use a headset so I never offend any players verbally. My kill to death ratio definitely shows that there is no cheating or console mods. I am guilty of one thing though. I quit out of games. You would think that it would be acceptable to quit out of at least 1 game every now and then such as if you were pairs 2v4 by some odd circumstances. No. 343 has tortured halo players, good or bad, and is taking bans way too far. Personally I work night shift and can only play for an hour or so after work. It’s my relaxing getaway. It seems to be an ongoing problem that when your teammates or the opposing team players quit out of matches right as they have a victory or defeat display upon their screen, you sometimes will receive a “your connection was lost” message. This message should not count against you. You may have a ad connection though. What if your home loses power? Seems to 343 that it’s an automatic ban for an hour or 2, no further investigation or more than one offense needed. Please Microsoft and 343, release the strictness of the bans you are giving or post specified rules and regulations for all to view. With these specified rules and regulations such as durations of bans, levels of bans, how long each offense will get you banned for, etc. If you ban us we at least deserve to know why and what we’ve done wrong.

Please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the forums if you wish to discuss this further.

To answer your questions though: Details of what can cause bans were released by 343 before launch. There are also messages in game that state matchmaking rules are in play. When you get banned a red screen will show and state what you we’re banned for and how long it is for. An explanation of how the ban timer works can be found in the pinned thread mentioned above