Halo 5 Forge

With the new Halo 5 coming out some time I would love to see a new Forge feature or improvements.

  1. AI’s
    I would to be able to place AI’s and make small battles, Predator maps, or your own firefight maps.
    But it’s probably not gonna happen.

  2. Environmental Forge Items
    I hate during forge when the objects and platforms don’t match the environment and stay the same so its kinda odd.

  3. What Do You Wanna See?

I would love to see a forge mode in firefight. (Unless 343i has something against firefight.) more scripting objects, like covenant and forerunner gates, or a gravity lift, or a real light bridge (3-4 sizes.). Forge is becoming big in halo. I hope 343i looks at forums like this. since they are working on forge more than they used to, they should look at the input that the fans have.

Forge world remake, plus some blank canvases. They should double the amount of objects currently offer, mostly in the natural category. Better performance with a higher object count.

Plus I would also like if 343 would allow an option for an object to attach to another so there aren’t any bumps or drops. Mainly if you are making or extending a bridge .

The fact the building blocks are so plane, if they added an ability to paint different textures such as sand vines etc. onto bluilding blocks and walls, cause having the feature on all the peices would take alot more coding to have it look realistic