Halo 5 forge won't launch

Halo 5 Forge won’t launch it will go to the halo screen then crash.
The halo app also doesn’t work it is completely blank any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there,

It can be a few things. What I did for my computer was delete the Halo app while keeping Halo 5 Forge so now that I launch it, it goes directly into H5F.

The other problem is that your computer might be outdated, this isnt the most well optimized game, but I have seen it work on a few old Desktops.

What Specs are you running?

Hope this helps a little

I have a gt 1030 and an ryzen 5 1500X. I already tried uninstalling the halo app but keeping halo 5 forge and it did nothing. The weird thing is that the game worked fine when i first got it but now neither the halo app nor halo 5 forge works. It also might not be working because i have an unactivated version of windows, though again it was working when i first got it. Thanks for replying.

Ok nvm its working now