Halo 5 Forge Wishlist/Ideas

  1. Transport hogs and transport falcons or something on the lines of that

  2. Be able to zoom while in oracle mode

  3. Be able to spawn AI

  4. Have a map like sandbox from H3 with 3 levels and all of them being flat.

  5. More interactive items like switches for gates that you can sync to like how teleporters sync

  6. Automatic sliding doors

  7. Elevators

  8. A strength % option for the gravity cannon

  9. Ability to highlight multiple objects that you have forged and then copy them all in one go copy paste style

  10. Shelves that can hold weapons like the ones in campaign

  11. Having the ability to select spawn and despawn and respawn times. That way we could make platforums that apear and reapear

  12. Have an option for the turrets to automaticly be activated, so we could have auto turrets as hazards in a map, kinda like in halo 3 with those turrets that would kill you if you went out of bounds

  13. Day and night cycle, and selection of time for differnt lighting effects

Coordinate plane orientation: instead of using the maps default coordinates allow objects to have there own coordinate plane (but start with the maps default coordinate plane). So if I were to spawn a block 1x2 at the maps default coordinates of width: 0.0 length: 0.0 height: 0.0 yaw: 0° pitch: 0° roll: 0° then duplicate it so the second block 1x2 would be width 4.0 length: 0.0 height: 0.0 yaw: 0° pitch: 0° and roll: 45° so if I were to enable coordinate plane orientation (or whatever you want to call it) on the second block 1x2 the maps default coordinates would be based off of that blocks coordinates so instead of it being width: 4.0 length: 0.0 height: 0.0 yaw: 0° pitch: 0° roll: 45° the coordinates are now based off this object so the coordinates would be width: 0,0 length: 0,0 height: 0,0 yaw: 0° pitch: 0° roll: 0° no matter where it is on the map or what angle its in until the player decides to disable coordinate plane orientation for that object by either going back to the map default coordinate plane or starting off with a new object. If you don’t understand what I mean just contact me on live: BlueDroid SWAT

> 3. Be able to spawn AI

Unless you want the AI to sit around and do nothing on your map, they’re gonna need a Path to follow.
So in extension, we should ask for an AI Path builder in Forge also.



It’s possible on the 360 with Halo 3. I don’t think there’s any excuse why it shouldn’t be possible in Halo 5:Guardians

-more civiliam objects like soda machines,walls,wood floors,

  • Also things like crashed ODST pods,blood,helmets,terminals and wall messages
    -Vehicles found in campaign(reach)like forklifts
    -weather effects,ponds,waterfalls,animal AI, multiple plant types(jungle,forest,etc.)
    -multiple forge maps,Arctic,Islands(not anvils), mountains.
    -skybox types,if I want a sunny day with rain I should be able too get one , could go with time of day( sunny afternoon,cloudy night,etc.)
    -Dont restrict peices for certain maps
    -Full color change for obects, when used on sword it changes blade so red team = red blade
    -Option for turning off water kill boundries

It’d also be cool if there were “electricity” powered items such as doors or bridges that could be activated by a switch. The switch would be a separate and you could basically set switches and “electric” items to different channels just as you can with teleporters. Another feature that’d be is nice would be to have the ability to invert the states of “electric” items, so that way you could be able to have a door/bridge opened or closed before pressing the switch. Obviously this could be used with much more than doors or bridges. It could be used to power forcefields, toggle positions of barricades or power different lifts.