Halo 5 forge wishes

Forgers hardcore and casual, lets hear some things you would like to see implemented in H5. With Xbox 1’s hardware, I think they could pull off some pretty awesome stuff.

Forge piece skins! No longer would we be confined to a single monotonous palette. Add an option in the edit menu to reskin for forerunner, covenant, or UNSC. Some things would understandably not translate so well, so keep them under a separate heading for their races. Curvy, non-angular covenant pieces used to round out covenant architecture, for example.

  • Making forge maps for firefight
    Kinda like halo 4 forge with default objects and spawns.
    But weapon, vehicles and forge pieces can be added to change structures or paths.

  • more forge pieces

  • hills and more kinds of tree’s

  • skins for structures
    players can change the forge piece from forerunner, human or covenant design.
    And a natural skin, so there is plants like moss or grass on it.

  • Invasion
    I want this gametype back so I can forge Invasion maps again.

  • multiple big forge wold with different environments like space, plains and desserts.

The same things we want here and here also here (pages 9 -14)

Wants for Forge? Oh, y’know. Nothing major. Just:

  • An Undo button.
  • Skins for Forge items: Covenant, Forerunner and Human.
  • All the previous features in Halo 3, Halo: Reach and Halo 4 Forge.

See? Not unreasonable at all!

Terain editor like project spark
large budget
ai like project sparks but nerfed to halo style
weather like rain snow fog dust in air
time of day

Here is the mega list: a list comprised of many of the community’s thoughts, as well as many of mine, that shouldn’t be too unreasonable for a NEXT-GEN console.

>Terrain editing

>Extensive scenery items that add to an environment (trees, grasses, rocks, blood, cars, pens, dead bodies, books, etc.)

>Dig tool- allows a user to chip away at the ground or a placed piece to alter its appearance and functionality (exposed computer part of tunnel under map, etc.)

>Respawn and despawn times up to 999+ seconds for all objects

> Dynamic lighting toggle

>Ability to place light sources of custom color

> Filters to change the map lighting, mood, or visibility (FX for Halo CE graphics)

> Trigger pieces (a door that opens when a switch is pressed, gravity that intensifies when a player enters a vehicle, music or sound effects play as a player enters an area, a bridge deploys when a trip wire is activated, the player is swarmed by drones when he or she exits the battlefield (which could open endless possibilities for map boundaries), etc.)

>More physics options (like move under influence of explosion, phased, moves when player is in proximity)

>Easy ability to lock and duplicate a piece

>Glue function- bonds two or more pieces to create one that can be moved or altered all at once

>Knife tool- breaks a piece into decided parts, which can then be placed separately or for effect

> Many vehicle types (boats, ATVs, spaceships, submarines, trains, etc.) that can have their base speeds, shielding, size, color, noise creation, etc. all customizable

> Various sources of ammo (dispensers, crates, off dead players)

> Breakability and temperature settings for objects (temp can determine phase of matter)

>Color/skin/reflectiveness settings for objects

>Detail settings for objects- you can have a cheap object to save resources or an expensive, intricate piece as a centerpiece

>A resize function that could turn a 11 to a 46.35, etc.

>Material settings for objects (make a 4*4 block have the characteristic bounce of rubber or the magnetic properties of iron)

> Toggle weather types and events (rain, fog, wind direction, tornado, sunny, etc.)

>Time of day effects

>Liquid height/ properties on map (so as to mimic high tide or have a lake of lava or tar or purple water, etc.)

>Artificial hazards (like a plane crashing or a sinkhole forming)

>Ability to plan complex events such as timed airdrops that rely on AI

>Ability to place AI and control its intelligence, senses, loyalties, roaming, might, etc. and autoturrets

>Gradual change (a piece may shift from green to blue over a period of time, or a forest will burn down)

>Fire placement with smoke and spread toggle

>Pieces that move in defined paths (floating platform, escalator)

>Small time scale for events (such as .1 second intervals). This could allow a world to create itself as a player explores. Could also allow more precise timing

>Trait hill zones that allow players to swim, not hear, fly, etc. with many channels

>Restrictive zones (an area that will not allow a player with a certain characteristic (such as team affiliation, ammo count, or k/d ratio) to enter or pick up ammo or shoot, etc.)

>Ability to place soft walls and death barriers with custom features

> Ability to create callout locations that appear on a HUD

>A large variety of weapons

>Ability to indirectly view something occurring out sight or from a different angle via camera and monitor with multiple channels

>Momentum portals and custom teleporters with multiple channels

>Large build space that allows a user to tell an unused area to not render to save resources

>Complex circuit building (for elevators, etc.). There could be the ability to turn on electricity on on a map

>Custom-imported pieces such as car models, buildings, and weapons from other videogames

>Ability to port maps from other games

>Importable images for use in skins or skyboxes

>Cross-platform compatibility (be able to play an Xbox map on the PC or make a map on PC and play it on Play Station)

>Dedicated PC map CREATOR with portability to other systems

>File share with like/dislike, subscribe, and share features

>Customized signs and painting ability

>Cut, copy and paste functions- take a part of one map and put it onto another

>Ability to plot roadways and vehicle paths

>A mirror option to facilitate creation of symmetrical maps

>An undo/redo function

>Lifts with fixed landing points


>Ramps and stairs and moving walkways

> Great (and toggleable) draw distance to enhance scenery

>Possibly a mechanism that allows players to somehow have slight control over their spawn location

>Ability to place complex player spawns (such as ones that only function if a team is doing poorly or if a team has rocket launchers)

>Place spawn and death cams

>Take picture for map preview

>Grid system for precise placement of objects- can be set to various scales (1m between ticks or .0045m)

>Menu that can be brought up that lists all objects on a map, highlights specified objects from list when specified to do so, and gives coordinates of each object. List could also support“Delete All” functionality

>Highlight currently-selected pieces

>Green screen piece

>Autosave feature

>Simple tagging system for use with specific gametypes

Feel free to add to this list, but I think this list should be able to eradicate all other “Halo 5 Forge Ideas” threads. Feel free to copy and paste this into other forge threads so 343i can see what we want. This may sound unreasonable, but with 300+ people working on the game, it’s not impossible. Also, even SOME of these ideas in next-gen forge would make me happy.
Good day, guys.

  1. More lights (both different lights and how many lights you can place). I personally loved to decorate maps with lights but you could put only very small amount of lights to a map.

  2. Option to increase size of an object.

  3. More detailed objects. Corpses, destroyed vehicles etc.

  4. Option to create folders for Forge maps and upload them to File Share. That way players could easily download “map packs” from others.

edit: Dangit, ninja’d by the previous member! D:

There have been so many threads like this that I’m tired of rewriting down my ideas (custom objects, buttons, mapshots, weather and time and more) but your idea was definitely on my list- at this point, it’s necessary. Also, I would like to suggest that palettes shouldn’t be restricted just by species, but by many different things: stone, metal, old, wood, UNSC, forerunner, covenant, flood infested, forest (as in, overrun with vines and green), brick… There are so many possibilities. Obviously we don’t need tens of them, but five would be really nice and each new forge map should introduce a new and exclusive palette (just for that map)…