Halo 5 Forge Showcase: Downpour Beta Gameplay

Hi everyone, i finally have some footage up of my forge map Downpour, this is the firs beta run of the map we did, it was only a small 2v2 match but ill be uploading the 3v3 match later on. Things have changed since the map was tested like the spawning of the sniper, sniper ammo, some invisible barriers, a part of the map where ive introduced some rocks so its less of a vantage point etc.
Overall the map wasnt too bad and we played a total of 5 matches on it with everyone throwing ideas out on what they think could be improved from a tunnel system to a platform hanging from the crane.
Ill post a picture of the map now… in the comments as the link is interfering with me posting another link… Hope you all enjoy!
ill have another Beta run of the map tonight at 8pm UK time to test the map now changed have been made, max of 7 other people! Thanks all
And id like to add a huge thanks to all that helped me test it, you lot know who you are!
[Downpour 2v2 BETA

](Halo 5 Forge Showcase: Downpour 2v2 Beta - YouTube)

A picture of the new Downpour!
Downpour Beta Run 2

If anyone would like to beta test tonight please message me on xbox to my gamertag and ill add you!

Looks great, hard to believe it’s a Forge map :slight_smile:

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> Looks great, hard to believe it’s a Forge map :slight_smile:

Wow thanks alot, that means a huge amount! Thats the same as what my girlfriend said haha, i am tweaking more things to try and make it look s little more realistic haha but thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi all, the 3v3 gameplay is finally up, i think it did end in the end with 3v4… not too sure, as ive said before the map has changed alot since this gameplay!
Downpour 3v3 Beta