Halo 5 Forge Scripting *switches*

Hello, community, I was wondering whether it was possible to activate and/or deactivate a switch (switch “A”) using another switch (switch “B”)

Switch “A” is located next to a door and opens and closes this door, switch “B” is located elsewhere which enables and disables switch “A”

To use switch “A” you must first activate/toggle switch “B”.

Try this:

On switch B
when interacted, power set alpha toggle

On switch A
when power set alpha on, switch interactive on
when power set alpha off, switch interactive off
when interacted (whatever you want it to do, for a door, I’d probably just use power set bravo toggle)

General: make sure to have a command to initially set alpha off, either round time, a timer with no repeat, or round start command (be carefully with round start, it doesn’t always work in later rounds)