Halo 5 Forge Question, Scripting Scoring System

So I need help with a forge project of mine, I’m pretty decent with scripting however I can’t seem to figure one thing out. In my map we use the gametype infect the object of this game mode is infected cannot move but spawn in locations that give him sightline advantages with normal weapons. The players objective to to walk laps while taking these infected out. As a play falls the harder the laps become. Anyway when a player completes a Lap in the map they are suppose to get 1 point. However my script brain isn’t working. The player is suppose to gain a point everytime he/she passes the Boundry. I can get it to work for teams however teams don’t really cross over into infection? Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? it isn’t giving them points!

If anyone would help that’d be awsome. The spoiler contains my set up.

The Set up:

Script Brain:
-script 1
-Check: Enter
-Filter: Players
-Repeat 0.00
-Action 1: Score Change
-Type: player
-Mod 1: Players [add]
-Mod 2: Players [include]
-Operation: Increment
-Source: Game Value
-Game Value: Player [score]
-Value: 1
-Randomize: Off
Action 2
-Players: Players [add]
-Sound Play
-Sound: Scored Teamate [vo]