halo 5: forge not working

Hey guys, so I’ve just downloaded Halo 5: Forge on my pc. As a person who almost never games on pc, I don’t have a powerful laptop or desktop to run games on. Granted I do have 12 GB of RAM and an i7 core, my graphics card is simply too trash. When I try running Halo 5: Forge, it gives me a warning message about how my system didn’t meet the system requirements and may have some issues in game. I press continue, but nothing happens and the game eventually quits on its own. Is anyone else having this same issue, or can you not play forge at all if you don’t meet the system requirements. I have been really excited to play this on pc despite obvious lag issues with my crappy graphics card, but it would still be a huge shame if I can’t even try at all.

Thanks in advance for any help!

The title screen is rendered by the graphic card, and it’s not actually a clip, it’s real-time. So if you pressed enter it’ll render your entire spartan, profile and everything in the background, overloading your graphic card and making it crash

Are you sure it’s not your anti-virus closing it?

I’m having the exact same issue.
Message pops up “Your system doesn’t meet the Minimum Requirements”, click continue then it just silently closes back to desktop immediately.

The thing is it does meet the damn ‘Minimum Specs’ that the Windows Store has:
AMD Phenom II X4 B40 (OC 3.6GHz)
8GB RAM (OC 1.8GHz)
R7 360 (OC 1.35GHz) 2GB
Windows 10 14393.105

I’ll get my friend to try later today, as she has a more modern AMD APU; but other than that basically the same basic performance.
Now I don’t know if Anniversary is doing the same thing that Windows 10 Phone does; but basically ANYTHING on the Requirement list (regardless it was Optional) would result in the OS manually shutting down when it didn’t detect that hardware.

Given what is happening here, I get the feeling this is the same bloody thing with no ‘bypass’ despite it offering one.
Can I give both Microsoft and the Developers a word of advice here.
a) DO NOT use the Additional Details, post those in the App Description
b) REMOVE THIS FEATURE from Windows 10

I’m sorry but it’s one thing to have a popup that says “This application might not work on your device as intended” and simply having the OS prevent it from running are two very different things, especially when said system doesn’t seem to exactly be bulletproof and seamless enough to support the small selection of Mobile Devices you create let alone the Billions of PC Hardware Combinations there are.

I am also having the exact same problem. Dreaded error 0x80000001 right? Apparently the game requires the CPU instruction set “SSE4.1”. So even though I should have enough processing power with my AMD x6 1055T or even my old x4 955BE OC to 3.7, alas it is irrelevant. These old CPUs don’t support SSE4.1 and nether does yours Leyvin. Fact is the game simply can’t or possibly won’t run without it. Time for a upgrade. I’m just as bummed about it as you are.

This is really disappointing. Seems like I won’t be playing Halo 5: Forge anytime soon

im having the same same problem. hopefully we get some words from the devs soon.