Halo 5 Forge, New Gametype and Map!

Hey everyone, just thought I would share that I’ve constructed my first map in Halo 5 via forge. It was quite a chore and I must say I prefer the previous game’s easier controls but there were still some really cool things I could do with the map.
II went with a competitive and yet forgiving approach. The map, when paired with normal 4v4 slayer is brutal. I haven’t tested it myself, but I have had my friends try it out and I watched them duke it out in both normal Slayer and the gametype I designed specifically with the map in mind.
I based the design around some old classics, like Sanctuary/Asylum and Beaver Creek. You’ve got two bases, with pathways around the edges with a relatively open middle. There is cover to be found in the middle though, I felt like there should be as the TTK is high enough that a map with no cover won’t work out well for anyone. The map is called “Shelter” and the Gametype is called “Shelter Pro.”
This is where it gets fun. I had my pals and some randomly invited players from Breakout, and Team Arena set up and run a match of Shelter Pro. If it had been on my Xbox I would’ve shared the footage but it’s a long story, so I’ll just give you the specs of the gametype and then briefly describe how it played out with the settings.
Warning, there is quite a bit of in depth info that isn’t necessary to understand my post coming up, so skip to the bottom paragraph if you don’t want the specifics.
As far as general settings go, it’s essentially regular slayer, but the score goes to 60. If there’s a tie, you’ve got 2 minutes to break it, or you draw.
Player traits ( I will only list what is important/what I changed)
-Shield 100%
-Shield Recharge 130%
-Shield Recharge Wait Time 80%
-Health 110%
-Health Recharge 90%
-Health Recharge Wait Time 120%
Damage Resistance-110%
Damage Output-90%
Empty Reload Speed-100%
Tactical Reload Speed-130%
Melee Damage-130%
Melee Knockback-110%
Assassination Speed-110%
Grenade Damage-80%
Grenade Knockback-130%
Grenade Throw Speed-110%
Explosion Radius (Grenades)-110%
Motion Sensors On, 140% Range.
Thruster Pack On, 120% Speed, 80% Recharge Delay, 90% Activation Cost.
Spartan Charge/Sprint Off
Ground Pound On, 120% damage, 120% Knockback, 120% Speed, 120% Auto Act. Time.
Stabilizer On, 110% Duration.
Base Movement, 90% but with 130% strafe speed.
Jump Height 110%
Clamber On, speed 90%
Starting Weapons SMG & Magnum, with two sniper rifles and one SPNKR as the power weapons on deck. Two Battle Rifles, two light rifles, two carbines, and two DMRs are all available at different locations on map as well as secondaries like boltshot and plasma pistol.

Whether you read all that, skimmed, or skipped it entirely, essentially what I did was set out to create the perfect Halo game (IMO). With these settings, there is no perma sprint or Spartan charge, which makes much of the gameplay more tactical. It’s also harder to kill or be killed at range, which creates a great decision making environment. Do you push to control power weapons to make kills quicker? Do you get up close to take advantage of higher melee power? Or do you use the amped up thrusters and strafing combined with a precision weapon on the map to make a mid-to-long range attack?
The matches were great. There were abilities to rely on without any single tactic or weapon being a crutch. The game rewarded the more skilled players immensely but also presented a great challenge to all players with the higher TTK. It was more forgiving on the noobs, but still gave long time players the specific tools they needed to strategically dominate. I was really blown away at the gameplay variety and the fun time. I wish Halo would go back to no-sprint with certain abilities. I feel like this game mode perfectly blended the old and the new. It’s not too fast or too slow, retains some of the useful features like thrust and ground pound while eliminating the crutch-y abilities like Spartan charge, and it most importantly rewards players for great situational awareness and decision making. I’d like to ask you to try it out for yourself, or with me in custom games sometime. The map is called Shelter, and the gametype is called Shelter Pro. My gt is QuadDAUMINATOR (Since there is no damn fileshare!) Thanks to anyone who reads! Just want to get some more feedback on my map/gametype!