Halo 5 Forge Map Ideas: Mordor series

Hey everyone!
I have a few ideas for some forge maps in Halo 5 when I get home from college. Here they are!!
Mordor: The Land Of Shadow series

The plain in Mordor where Mount Doom and Barad-Dûr are located, this map is compatible with Big Team Slayer and CTF! The terrain itself is treacherous, for there are many crevices that lead into smoldering lava pits. Fight well, for the Great Eye is watching you.

The Black Gate:
The main entrance into Mordor itself, the Morannon (aka. The Black Gate) is one of the most heavily fortified positions in Mordor. Fight on the ramparts of the Gate and see if u can make it into the Land Of Shadow. Compatible with Team Slayer.

Barad-Dûr: Throne Room
The inner most sanctum of the Dark Tower, where Sauron himself dwells, this area will be an imagination of what the throne room of Barad-Dûr might be like. Compatible with 4 v 4 slayer (team or Free For All).

Meaning “Hell” in Elvish, this valley is right behind the Black Gate itself. Fight through this treacherous valley from the Black Gate to the garrison of Carach Angren (the Isenmouthe). Compatible with Big Team Slayer, CTF, and King Of The Hill.
Barad-Dûr: Balcony
Based on the final boss battle in Act III of Shadow Of War, this arena is for Grifball! Play well for the amusement of the Great Eye.

Minas Morgul: Colosseum
A breakout map taking place in Minas Morgul, the lair of the Nazgûl, this is a free for all map where only the strongest survive. However, make sure that this match is a spectacle, for dozens of Orcs, Uruks, Trolls, and other foul creatures will be chanting at you.
Weapons: Energy swords only! This is a melee focused map.

Torech Ungol: Lair Of The Spider
A horror based map taking place in the lair of the great spider, and my childhood nightmare, Shelob, it’s a map filled with jump scares and tight corridors. Can you escape Shelob’s brood? This is an Infection exclusive map. The infected will be Shelob’s brood and the Spartans will be some unlucky souls who went into her lair.

These will all be created for future community play dates. If any of u are good at forge, please help me out whenever you’re available to.

I love these Ideas. I hope 343 will put your ideas into consideration! :slight_smile:

This sounds like a years worth of work for a Forger…neat idea though.

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> This sounds like a years worth of work for a Forger…neat idea though.