Halo 5 Forge Map | Black Box Trailer

Hi all, im here with yet another forge map!
This is Black Box, based around a crashed aeroplane with only part the wreckage found.

Map Description:
With only part of the plane found, and no survivors… this is as a reminder of humanity’s urge for destruction.

Black Box Trailer

Got some testing done today and fixed ALOT on the map!

Part of the planes body broken up to create a small walk way inbetween the two pieces of aircraft.
Rocket swapped for Spartan Laser and moved to a more central position.
More spawn points added in more spread out locations.
Spawn zones added to help improve spawning.
Fog changed to give it a more natural look dusty smokey look and feel.
Dust clouds removed to make the game run smoother.
Location labels added to make it easier for communication.
Lighting in plane changed to make it look and feel more natural.
Distance smoke reduced to make the game run smoother.
Invisible barriers added to stop players from getting on top of the plane.
Route cleared more for Warthogs.

These are the changes in todays testing, more may change when further testing is done with more players!


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