Halo 5 Forge Item Respawns

Trying to make like a dodgeball map in forge with vehicle and such getting launched at the players, i set the respawn timers on the items to something small. i run it to check it works and they fire, respawn, fire again, but after that they don’t respawn. I’ve tried setting it to move forward on spawn with a script so its not appearing on top of the launcher but it still only respawns the once and that’s it. is there something I’m missing, I’ve done this sort of thing in previous forges but it just doesn’t work in halo 5.

Check to see if it works as intended in a custom game. Respawn behavior seems a bit different between forge and customs.

Try using a script to respawn it.

I don’t check this forum that often, so if you want me to take a look at your map to help, you can find me at Forge.World. I do a lot with scripts, so I might be able to help.