Halo 5 Forge: Help my game keeps crashing

Please help my game keeps crashing I open up halo 5 forge and it has all black and a HALO word in the middle then after a bit it pops up a rectangular box and it reads

Warning Your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements. You may encounter performance issues

After that I hit the button that reads continue 3 sec after my game turns off

Please Help!!!

I’ve moved you to the Halo 5 Forge Support forum, where you may be more likely to get help.

I would imagine sharing your computers specs may help folks troubleshoot. Ram, graphics card, etc. I’m not tech savvy but those that are may need more information from you.

Good luck!

Thanks :smiley:

Answered in another post but it looks like your system isn’t powerful enough to run Forge.
You can find out more details about those error codes here: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/games/game-titles/halo-5-forge-windows-10-help

There are people who are able to play halo 5 and they have worse system requirements then me?