Halo 5 forge Gamertag

since there is not a matchmaking in the game, let the gamertag so that we can add and play. mine is: manueldif90


I have almost mastered forge scripting and asthetics and gameplay gimmicks. I am terrible at placing weapons and spawn points.

Debeli18 is my gamertag would like some players to play with :slight_smile:

Hey , I’ve created a spartan companie named “PC Players” for 100 people that’s kind of little matchmaking, it’s not alredy active casuse he need 4 player to become active , so if you want you can join it

@Fusinaz Add me please!

and anyone who enjoys slayer too

GT ichocobo

Stay Italian is my gamertag.

Add me

add me: RyanHesman
Everyone add me so i can add alot of people to and we can actually play a game whilst waiting for servers