Halo 5 forge features that NEED to be added

Hello, so I’m a bit new to these forums, and I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but hear me out real quick.

Halo 5’s forge. It’s great, it definitely has improved compared to the previous Halo’s forging, but there a couple of things that NEEDS to be brought back, otherwise other games like Halo 2 Anniversary’s forge (MCC) will just beat Halo 5 within a heartbeat.

Please 343i, bring back these following features to Halo 5’s forge to make it the best forge yet:

  • The option to delete EVERY single object in the map. H2A’s forge had this which was just so much easier than selecting a group of objects and deleting them all. You need to add this back, please! - Selecting the weapons you want to spawn with before starting a forge map was awesome! Even though there is no real purpose to it, it was still such a fun feature! I would be fine if this wasn’t added, but it would still make my experience better if it were there. - I’m not entirely sure if this feature is available or not, but I would love for there to be an option so that instead of having the Red/Blue/Green circles around the object when rotating it, to also add the classic rotating style, without having to go around the object to tilt it a certain angle. - I also enjoyed having the “Change teams” available on the start menu when you were in the forge map, just like the old Halo 3 days. Bringing this back would also be a great addition to forge! - Last but not least, one of the coolest features to add in this already robust and advanced forge editor would be NPC’s! That would be so awesome if you could add how ever many elites/grunts/jackals/promethieans you wanted. It would add fun to the editor, or maybe even a enemy spawner would be cool! This could have so much potential, you could have a separate gamemode for killing all of the enemies or even a survival or just anything involving NPC’s that you could spawn!I believe that if you added these features, this would be BY FAR the greatest forge yet. Please take consideration into doing this 343i!

AIs in custone games would be awsome