Halo 5 Forge download glitch?

I was wondering where the Halo 5 Forge files download and install to.

I tried to download the game twice yesterday (@ 35GB) with 435 left of a 930GB HDD. The download writes files to the drive during the download for some reason, and if you cancel there’s a good chance that you might lose some space due to false allocation.

After I cancelled the download (Because of how much of the bandwidth the download was consuming, in which it was practically chewing on my 12mb/s internet. My uncle couldn’t even load a facebook post) Anyway, I canceled it, and went to check my HDD because I had a feeling that it was writing data during the download, and lo and behold I only had 414 vs the 435 I had before.

I then went to test my theory, and tried to download it again. For every 1Gb downloaded was a Gb lost from my HDD. I then canceled the download, but this time the lost space went back to 413 then after an f5 key press 414, and is now sitting at 415.

So, anyone know where the files are installed?

I am having the same issue and could REALLY use some help here. I have searched the hidden Windowsapps folder and there is no sign of a Halo folder after searching for ages. I did a disk cleanup my delivery optimisation folder but only saved around 80mb’s and there is no folder big enough that hints at a Halo 5 install folder. Need my space back!