Halo 5 Forge Creations

No doubt about it, since forge’s first debut in Halo 3, map remakes have been a huge part of the community. Now we are in Halo 5, and for once, I’m really impressed with the amount of detail you could do in Forge. I officially devoted myself to remaking every Halo 3 map as closely accurate as possible. I’m starting with maps that I haven’t seen been tackled yet and initiated with the easiest one, Sandbox.

Sandbox is officially playable in Slayer and CTF (excluding Neutral) game modes and found in my files. However, outside details are still being fitted. Currently, I’m trying to “downsize” the map (reducing item limit by swapping blocks for a smaller amount, sacrificing detail appearance for increased objects without affecting gameplay movement, ex: switch two side by side 2x2x2 blocks for one 2x4x2 block). The purpose of downsizing was so I can fit the sixth guardian tower. I squeezed enough space for five towers.

Similarities found in the map:
• All blocks have been placed exactly as Halo 3’s Sandbox, including spacing distance.
• All Intial and respawn points have been exactly placed according to Halo 3, including facing angles. There are no extra spawns.
• Battle Rifle, Carbine, SPNKR Rocket Launcher and Plasma Grenades have returned in the same exact locations, including respawn time, clip size and facing angles (facing angle excludes Plasma Grenades).
• Overshield is placed in exact same location as Halo 3’s Sandbox, including respawn time.
• Mongoose and Warthog have been placed have returned in the same exact locations, including respawn time and facing angles (exact location excludes Blue team’s Warthog due to terrain).
• All substituted weapons and vehicles share the same exact location, respawn timer and facing angles.
• Currently there are five guardian towers, soon to be six (one is temporarily misplaced and all guardian towers have their iconic spot light).
• Orange sun has been placed approximately same background “location” with reduced flare brightness to prevent sight obstruction.
• Outside terrain has been placed as closely accurate as possible without sacrificing to many items.
• Boundary light sticks have been placed exactly as found in Halo 3’s Sandbox.
• Warning boundaries have been set exactly as found in Halo 3’s Sandbox, however, venture too far and you will hit the instant kill boundaries (yes, the hill is accessible as it was in Halo 3).
• Map shares the same name and map description as Halo 3’s Sandbox (including recommended player count).

Weapon, vehicle and other changes were the following:
• Brute Shot have been swapped with the Hydra Launcher.
• Missile Pod has been swapped for the detached Rocket Launcher.
• Bubble Shield, Regenerator and Grav Lift have been swapped with the Splinter Grenade (yes.
• Power Drain has been swapped with the Plasma Pistol.
• Chopper has been swapped for the Mantis.
• There is no longer a CTF return point behind the wall of both Anthills, it is both on top where the flag spawns respestively (due to Halo 5’s CTF setup).
• Middle non-golden pillars have been spaced outward from center by 4.0 coordinates each due to the oversize of the center pyramid.

The map has been successfully tested in a 1v1, 3v3, 4v4 and 8v8 scenarios. Results and map response showed that during Slayer, regardless of player count (1v1 included), the Mantis is not a balance issue. However, in CTF testing, the Mantis is a huge obstacle to overcome. Weapon balance is not a big issue, including the weapon substitutions. 4v4 matches play fine, but 8v8 matches proved too chaotic. Recommending 6-12 players.

Future changes planned:
• Neutral CTF will be added.
• Strongholds will be added.
• Sixth guardian tower will be added.
• Experimenting with different designs to replace current pyramid designs to reduce oversize shape and item consumption.
• More spottable downsizing.
• Mantis will be replaced for the Ghost on non-slayer gametypes.
• Removing outro Spartan animations (didn’t work as planned and reducing item limit anyway).
• Removing phase physics on weapon placements.

I’m also designing blueprint models in forge for Avalanche and Foundry maps. Both maps will be next, Assembly, Orbital and Citadel are planned maps in line.

How I design my remakes involve having Halo 5 and Halo 3 on at the same time (two TVs in my room, Xbox 360 and One). Using Spartan jumps, item sizes and Spartan view height, I measure the maps approximate size and recreate proper distances found. My measuring tools of choice are Ghosts (design has seen changes, but size remained constant), 8 cube crates, and a 2x2x2 Block.

How’s everybody else’s forge progress going? Anyone has proud maps to showcase?

This sounds REALLY detailed, great job. I’ve never been good at remakes but I’m trying my hand at it in Halo 5, I think I’m doing ok but if you’ve got any tips for me I’ll gladly hear them. I also remake maps by having my 360 on at the same time, it’s super useful for measuring size and knowing how to make the maps.

It depends on what kind of problems you are dealing with, I know several tricks and techniques throughout the Forging Halos.