Halo 5 Forge crashes in-game on Intel Xe i7-1165G7

Performance-wise, Halo 5 Forge runs surprisingly well on Intel Xe-1165G7 (OneXPlayer) but consistently crashes 5-15 seconds into a custom game.

Is there any way to get hold of error logs to better report/understand the problem?

E.g. log location in the Windows file system, any startup parameters to start up in debug mode, or any other way or tool to get more information on why this is happening.

Either way, if these crashes could be fixed it would be HUGE to be able to play Halo 5 on the go.

Please let me know if I can/should provide more information.

Got some time to look into this more and this is the event raised (as seen in Event Viewer):

Source: Display
Message: “Display driver igfxn stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

Any suggestions for further digging?