Halo 5 Forge Aesthetic Maps

Post maps that are for looks or non core gameplay

Well, I’d say look for my map Shimmering Heights if you’re looking for a map dedicated to aesthetics and atmosphere. It’s meant to call back to ODST while feeling relatively open for some freeform parkour with a lot of different sights to see, including apartments, a hotel, stores, an office building, train stations, a parking garage, streets, alleys, and even a couple little secret areas.

Most of my forge content is for asthetics. I also do some complex heavy scripting.

Most of my maps are only partially built. But I do make some pre-fabs and those are available.

I have two maps you can look at. Green Base and Sanghelios Temple. Also a lot of my prefabs are just ascetic just look up my gamer tag to see them.