Halo 5 Forge-4-U!

What’s going on guys, this is GrinningTybo and today I am starting a thread for anyone who’s ever thought “I’ve got a great map idea but I suck at forge, especially with the new controls!” I’m here to introduce to you my new project Halo 5 Forge-4-U

If you have a map idea just upload a sketch or concept art to imgur.com and post a link to it in the comments.

Now you might be thinking “But Grinning, I only have ideas but I don’t know how to put them on paper”. Don’t you worry. If you have ideas; scripting, part of a map, something specific that won’t constitute a whole map, or even just a verbal description of a map. A member of the Forge-4-U community will try to sketch your idea and upload a picture for your review based on how they interperate your description.

Are you a “Master Forger”? Leave a comment asking to be part of the team with a link to screenshots or 5 minute or less clips of some of your maps/creations and if you are up for the challenge and your application is accepted I will either add your username and/or gamertag to this post or a comment in a list of official Halo 5 Forge-4-U members.
Maps may be passed around to ensure that all scripting, aesthetics, and lighting gets the best possible design and placement.

STC 13 Marco

I’m GrinningTybo signing out,
and remember to keep Grinning!

This list is less likely to be updated however my list on the ReadyUpLive subreddit will be updated more frequently.