halo 5 forever in a constant state of disrepair

I play this game every day and it never seems to get fixed . It doesn’t matter if it’s heavy aim , ghost mellee or what it never works right . I love halo have done ever since the day halo ce has come out … but I get the feeling if the fall update doesn’t fix this game I will have to leave it in the past . Not because I want too but because playing a computer game should be pure escapism ,fun , not stressful, not annoying and rage inducing .

Yes but if you think about it, (I’m not defending) those really aren’t THAT BAD. Now, no splitscreen, lousy servers, and the fact that they plan to leave us without an update for like a year is big.
I will admit those are issues. In all other instances I can think of 343 has been pretty good about listening to player feedback. There are still some major flaws, for sure.

If it’s stressing you out, then I recommend taking a break.