Halo 5 force closed

First, I’m pretty sure I already update my xbox one, game pad, and Halo 5 to newest version.

Force Closed means: Halo 5 closed without any message, it just back to xbox one home screen immediately.
I didn’t push the big X on gamepad, coz when Force Closed happened, I go back to Halo 5, it will always start from the MS & 343 welcome screen.

Here’s what happened :

  • N times - Waiting a opening warzone(all 24 players arrived), and I’m looking my Spartan appearance, the game Force Closed. - 1 time - No any match is waiting, I was just opening a silver pack, the game Force Closed. And I restart game, the silver pack was disappeared, I got nothing. - 1 time - Just win a warzone game, waiting for match stats, and game Force Closed.Anyone has same situation ? or just me…

I only had it force close on me once when I joined a Warzone match in progress. Rip XP boost.

You probably didn’t lose your Silver pack though. It disappeared because you redeemed it, only you didn’t see what you got.