Halo 5 for pc and xbox series upgrade ideas

kind of a lengthy post warning! Been seeing some posts that Halo 5 should get a PC port and i think so too, obviously if it gets that then it should get a series X|S upgrade. some new features i thought they could add are different campaign modes, like one where you can bring in req weapons and enemies have them too, another fun mode i think is a classic weapons only mode. as you can guess only weapons featured in bungie era halo can be used by players and most enemies , i also want to play as the different characters in single player. i know it wont change gameplay but i love the personal huds especially bucks. also they should have a single player firefight.

some changes to the req system and warzone, i suggest they get rid of req packs and let us spend points directly on reqs and cosmetics we want. i think warzone should have a mode where everyone has equal access to all req weapons and vehicles regardless of how many they actually own but are still in limited supply, that way everyone gets an equal chance and they can try them out without worrying about wasting points or the ones the own, maybe a mode with just all-access to base form reqs.

for multiplayer the only thing i want is a map voter, i feel like sometimes there’s like 3 maps on rotation. this is kinda nit picky but i wonder if they can change the smart link up a bit on some weapons so it looks less like aiming in cod. Hopefully you made it to the end and some one at 343 reads this and takes these into consideration.

Thank you!

You had me at upgrade for S|X. I am 152 and have no reason to go back to Halo 5 other then mission specific achievements. This may get me interested at returning.

i just want some more ways to have fun in the campaign