Halo 5 flinch

I’m sitting here playing the beta and I’m wondering why my BR is killing anyone, I realize that my reticule is going above the players head when I’m being hit therefore I’m now shooting over the head because I aim for the head like your supposed to yet I’m being body shot and lose my BR fights. This game is turning out to be a failure all ready, you know what game uses flinch? COD. I’m all ready sick of this beta and to all the people saying this doesn’t play like COD than just look at breakout. Sprint, ADS, Flinch now.

The flich that you’re seeing is a result of a nimation glitch in the game. It shouldn’t be there and has been noted, it will be fixed for the final release of the game

Yes, it’s only aesthetic, but it messes up your model. Like said above, it will be fixed for launch.