Halo 5 firefight/Spartan ops

At risk of opening myself up for the backlash of this community, I had a thought and I’ve seen a few other posts similar to this.

Titanfall is still a fun game to pick up and play for an hour or so but does get stale when played for hours and hours with no real variation to gameplay. However, mixing in a level of mission objectives like Spartan Ops had, but allowing the depth of enemy and friendly AI along with UNSC and Covenant sides for players (ie Spartans vs Elites in a much bigger scale). This might be the answer for ‘updating’ invasion or maybe a new mode.

now I’m not talking about dropping in a Titan/Mantis, but giving people the option to play as an Elite for one, but also giving us the depth of character building/development we had with the campaign of Reach and the Spartan Ops in Halo 4. Tons of room for objective updates along with map variations if done properly.

Think of of how much fun it would be to drop in from a pelican or orbital drop pod. Having AI marines and ODST scrambling about in squads and facing off against grunts and jackals. Or dropping in from Phantoms with blades drawn to cut down the UNSC where they stand next to your Seng heli brothers. Civilians running from the combat area, banshees and hornets sweeping in. Think like the opening CG scene in Halo 4 when Halsey was being interrogated.

It’s Firefight meets Spartan Ops on a larger scale like Titanfall. I don’t know, I might be alone in this, but I think Halo battles on that scale would be fantastic. The hardware of the Xbox 1 could handle more characters on the screen and more advanced AI scripts. I for one would buy a game just of that.

I like the idea, but I’d focus it more on the Firefight side than Spartan Ops. Spartan Ops was fun, but after you completed every chapter it just dried up. Firefight, on the other hand, I could play endlessly and it never lost its charm. If 343i could include both in Halo 5 I would be the happiest person to ever walk the Earth, but as you can imagine it would take lots and lots for them to pull off, so we’ll wait and see what they come up with.

It would take a lot, maybe this is a better side project like Halo:ODST