Halo 5 Feedback Thread

A lot of people including me are enjoying Halo 5 a lot but that doesn’t mean we don’t have feedback or complaints we would like to see adressed in future update.

If you have any piece of feedback for Halo 5, make sure to leave it in this post to make it easier for 343 to find all the important feedback they need to make Halo 5 even better.

I will update this post with a list of all the feedback suggestions posted in this thread.

Reminder: Sharing your feedback has to be in a constructive and respectful way towards 343 and other community members.

The first two comments on this thread are reserved for the feedback list.


  • The matchmaking lobby should allow us to see and view other player’s gamertag, spartan and spartan stance and service record.
  • CSR ranking needs a progression bar to make it clear how far you are progressing to reaching the next CSR rank.
  • Option to view earned medals after each match, it is rewarding and adds a feel of accomplishment to see all the medals you earn after a match in-game.
  • Option to view the total amount of earned medals in your service record in-game.
  • SWAT should not have instant-respawning. The lethal killtimes combined with the fast gameplay caused by instant respawning make the gamemode unpredictable and chaotic.


  • Leaving a lobby after a match does not return you to the playlist selection but instead returns you to the main menu.
  • Lowering your weapon is not visible in third person, only first person.
  • The zoom feature in Theater is not working.
  • Theater mode is not showing the accurate position of your weapon when hitting someone.
  • Theater mode does not show the correct gamertags in the Warzone killfeed.

Updated the reserves posts

I agree with you on all of what you said especially seeing medals you earned after a match that is something I looked forward to in halo just looking at all the medals and what they all mean that needs to be addressed

In warzone, if they could change the color of the number of enemies remaining in the base from white to red to see easier and also add a color to my fireteams service tag and/or radar so I can find them easier on the battlefield. I stated this in another thread too.

I want to be able to see the members in my fire team easier mid-match, they should have a constant, specifically colored, and maybe an outline (I know this is VERY unlikely!) I just need to be able to see my friends easier in mid-match over the other randoms in the server. (Kinda like in battlefield)

This “temporary ban” system to deter quitters isn’t working at all. Still have at least 1 quitter almost every match in Team Arena. Either implement a stronger deterrent to keep people from quitting, or add the ability for a new player to join a match in progress. Seeing as how the CSR system is based entirely on wins/losses, and player performance has no bearing in it, it makes it very hard to rank up when I constantly have someone in my team quitting.

  • More playlistsSocial playlists like Action Sack or simply Social Slayer. Something to split up the competitive players with the casuals so that everyone has their own group that they can enjoy.
    Infection. Who doesn’t like survival gamemode?

  • WarzoneMore A.I On the field. I don’t know much in the ways of coding but if Titanfall can launch a large mass of robots and foot soldiers why can’t Warzone?

Better Defending Marines. They guys are to easy to take down as compared to the other A.I. Also I think the Home Base defenders should have a random assortment of weapons like SMG, Shotgun, Sniper, etc for the Marines. It’s Home Base, make it a pain for the attackers to destroy the power core.

  • Custom GamesIncrease the settings like they were in H4. It seems like the settings its very, very lacking.

  • ForgeWhile I’m aware Forge will be coming out in December, I would LOVE to see the Warzone weaponry and Vehicles to be used in Forge mapmaking or even Custom games.

  • Pregame lobbiesI would love to be able to vote for maps again, It seems every rotation I get in, it’s literally the same map over and over and over.

Allow us to view other players Spartans and Names. All we can see is their emblems, I would like to check out other players to see what they have and WHO TO MUTE!

Other then that, MP is pretty fun.

New suggestion. Change the CSR system altogether. Make it factor in personal player performance. I get you are trying to foster teamwork, but no amount of teamwork is going to win a match when one guy on the team is performing so poorly he can’t even get a kill. Thus, I may play well and do everything I can to help win, but if the rest of my team sucks and causes us to lose, oh well. Very frustrating.

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> I agree with you on all of what you said especially seeing medals you earned after a match that is something I looked forward to in halo just looking at all the medals and what they all mean that needs to be addressed

I definitely agree that we need better Carnage reports

Matchmaking should matchmake people who quit often with other people who quit often. Halo Reach did this sort of stuff pretty well, 343 should take some clues from Bungie in the matchmaking department. I mean Reach could even matchmake you with people who were chattier - which is a good way to find people more likely to be team players, yeah? Just a thought.

Please please please add more playlist and game types. I’m fresh off of playing MCC before this released, so maybe I’m a bit spoiled by how much MCC had to offer in multiplayer game modes and playlists, but I feel halo 5 is lacking in the multiplayer department when it comes to game modes. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the multiplayer so far, and think it is very well done overall, and the other halos did add more game modes as time went on, so I’m sure there will be updates in the future that add some more modes (I hope). I just feel it may get boring quick with only 5 game modes. But overall, well done.

Just completely overhaul the lobby system to make it just like Halo: Reaches one.