Halo 5 Feedback (Early Access.)

Things I would like to see changed.
What happened to the shotgun on Truth?
Reduce AR damage please. At least increase it’s spread at mid to long ranges.
A better ranking symbol for Pro would be nice.
Please bring back the original design of the rocket launcher or improve the current one. The original one was iconic.
I would like to see the Thruster Pack cool down to increase.
For the ground pound I would like to have the option to hold an extra button to start it as it’s annoying when you want to crouch jump. The sprint button would be nice. For the control layout Bumper Jumper that’s L button and A.

Good things about the game.
Spectator mode is that fans have wanted for a long time! Thanks for implementing it!
The ranking system is the best!
The aiming in this game if PERFECT! Don’t listen to people that say that it needs more auto-aim it DOESN’T!
The BR is great, the smart-link design for it is nice.
The sprinting / shield system is awesome! It prevents people from constantly running away and punishes them; which is a good thing.

Good luck with Halo 5: Guardians. It is very promising and I cannot wait for it’s launch in late 2015!