Halo 5 Experience videos really slow


I heard about these videos like 5 hours ago and I’ve been attempting to watch them and get the code at the end. But it is taking insanely and ridiculously long to load and buffer these videos. I just waited 30 mins for one of them to completely finish and for a 14 second video it glitched on the 13th second. It does it every time now. I haven’t seen this issue mentioned by anyone else so I’m guessing it’s just me.

Doesn’t work on my computer, my tablet, my ipad, or my phone. My internet is definitely not the issue but as it glitches it assumes I haven’t watched the video since it didn’t finish. Any ideas how to fix this? I’ve tried it at my friends house to but got the same problem.

They did lag a bit (like 2 seconds) for me but it’s probably just your wifi.

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> They did lag a bit (like 2 seconds) for me but it’s probably just your wifi.

But everything else works just fine, youtube, xbox live, everything. I’ve been watching youtube clips the last hour while I let it buffer in the background.

I get the same thing with nightfall when I try and watch it on halo channel at home. Just buffers ages, then says there is an error so try later.

If you want the code, sorry bruh our gonna have to wait but if you just want the clips, tons of youtubers ave uploaded them.

Yeah it looks like that, I’m up to the last video I think, it’s been at the 9 second mark for a couple of mins, though it was stuck on 7 seconds for 40mins so fingers crossed it moves though. I’ll find the youtube versions in the mean time.

Thanks anyway

Yeah it’s a shame that 343/Xbox manages to find a way to make videos lag for people with great computers. It’s a shame they don’t know how to optimize their code. It’s a shame they can’t do what every other amateur web designer can do, that is allow people to watch videos without lag.

I’m sitting here with a computer that can play any game, watch 1080p videos, render music production at highspeed, the same with rendering video-edits. But I can’t watch videos on the halo experience. Not so great experience.

you could do what someone else done yesterday and ask the forum if someone with the patience/better net connection can view the vids and inbox a code to you. the code varies every time.

Did you guys manage to get a code, or are you still having trouble?

Wouldn’t surprise me if the site is getting hammered.

I have the problem that they lag like hell under Firefox under Edge they are really really smooth.

Forgot I made this post. Took almost 12 or so hours before I finished the videos. At least I got there.