Halo 5 end game achievements not popping

I just beat the halo 5 campaine on heroic and my heroes rise and legacy achievements didn’t pop I went to check the progress On the achievements and they both say 93% complete but every mission says I have completed it on heroic what do I do?

I’ve got the same problem unfortunately. I have ended the game just now on legendary but the achievements: Heroes Rise, forging a legend and lone wolf stick at 93% eventhow I played the whole game.

In YouTube someone posted the same problem, apperantly there are more people that have this issue.

Hoping for a update that will fix it?

Beat legendary w all collectibles no achievements no requisitions and unable to connect to the servers. Im tightttt

i’ve played the first level on Legendairy again, now it is unlocked. don’t know why but it worked. maybe this will work for you to