Halo 5 Elites?

Will we be able to play as Elites in Halo 5? I don’t see why we couldn’t since the fiction behind War Games is the Spartans teams are training for war so shouldn’t the Spartans be training against Elites since that’s who they fight and not Spartans? I’m not saying one team should only be Elites and the other only Spartans but a mix of both like H2A and Halo 3, makes sense to me and would be cool.

> I know there has been a lot of discussion on this subject but I have seen a few key factors that signal the possible return of playable elites in multiplayer when the full game comes out (Cause its obvious that they won’t be in the Beta… maybe):
> -New Elite designs in H2A
> -Arbiter’s presence and the addition of the Sword’s of Sanghelios group
> -343 seems to be following a similar path to Bungie in which Halo 1 and Halo 4 are spartan only, Halo 2 first introduced the elites and they were a carefully guarded secret and it makes senses that in Halo 5 they make a comeback.
> -It was mentioned that there would be more than one playable character in Campaign, so far Chief and Locke have been announced but Arbiter could be a co-op character just like Halo 3.
> -Matchmaking might most likely be Spartan only like Halo Reach but could include Elite only game types.
> -Elites can pretty much have the same abilities as spartans with just slight changes in animation.
> -Covenant weapons haven’t been fully revealed with exceptions of the energy sword and Prophet’s Bane
> -Prophet’s Bane was the very sword Arbiter used to kill Truth in Halo 3
> -The cinematic in H2A had revealed that the setting is most likely Sanghelios
> -343 had answered a lot of long time wishes with MCC and Ive seen a lot of people ask for elites again.