Halo 5 edition xbox disconnects

I’m just wondering if all halo 5 editon xbox one owners are experiencing the occassional “console has been disconnected from halo 5”. I know its not my internet… troubleshot this thing like crazy reinstall , tested other games, etc.

If anyone purchased a halo 5 edition xbox one and is not having any issues please let me know.

The next step is exchanging it which is a hassle…


I bought the Halo 5 edition X Box One and I have had this happen to me only once. I figured maybe it was just a hiccup in the online system because it hasn’t happened to me since that one time. Possible you just got a defected one. I hope it all works out for you, though, whether that is exchanging it or otherwise. Best wishes.

Thank you for the info my friend i appreciate it. I may just exchange it.

I’ve heard this from a lot of people. It may not just be the edition of your Xbox one, it may just be the servers or another issue. I’ve been disconnected once, thankfully it was on a game of campaign, since I can’t be banned from that. I think it may be on the servers part? I’m not sure, you may want to wait a bit before going and exchanging your console, because I know how irritating having to return anything – especially a console – is.

Im always getting dc and have perfect net, -Yoink- is really -Yoink!- me off my ranks are all -Yoink-. They really need to roll out a update already fixing this -Yoink-.
I partner you up with your actual ranks every other game i don’t dc my team is -Yoink-.

I probably get dropped out of a game once or twice a day. Nothing makes you more mad than a lost connection or server error screen when you have been playing a 10 min game on warzone and about to win.

I get disconnected from Fire Teams all the time. I finally figured it out too.

So I always start out solo but as soon as some other talkers join and we have a good game we party up/start a FireTeam.

As soon as I add these guys as my friend I get booted from their FireTeam and then I can’t join back until I quit the game and start over. Really frustrating when you have a good thing going.

I think it may be the servers or it could be your internet connection… All I can say is try to reset the router and check your NAT etc… I hope it works!

I don’t think I have been dc once and I have the worst internet in the world. No really lol! It might just be internet connection or the servers.
If not then good luck with exchanging the console. Hope it goes well.