Halo 5 Edition Astro A40's

I’m not entirely sure this is the appropriate place to post this, but whatever. When the A40’s for Xbox One came out, they were plagued with frequent audio drops, connectivity issues, and poor cable quality due to the new proprietary audio connector on the Xbox One controller. I can see that the limited edition H5 A40’s have the same looking Mixamp attached to them, but what I can’t tell is if it uses the new connector still, or the standard 3.5mm jack, which would imply that they are normal A40’s that have surround sound. I know this isn’t exactly Halo 5-related, but I have seen posts about the console be fine here, so I thought a question about a themed accessory would be as well. Does anyone know if these A40’s are the standard ones that have surround sound, like the PS4 and PC ones, or are these the terrible Xbox One specific cans?

I would think that Astros new headsets will support the new audio port for the new controllers. My A50’s didn’t but I got them around Mcc. The new chat adaptors come with a cable that works without the bulky part of the adaptor. I think I heard something about astro selling a cable on there site that will work with them as well but I haven’t seen it yet.

They do have the 3.5 jack and new controller Input. I have them and they work very nice man

I’m a bit puzzled why they went low end with the A40s for the H5 edition where as TMCC got the big boy A50s.

it have stereo sound, but did some research in Amazon and Youtube + Astro website and it looks great and sound grate as well.