Halo 5 Early Release Reward for MCC?

With the extended troubles of Halo MCC, has 343 entertained the idea of launching Halo 5 early for those who were loyal to the company, even through the beginning messes of MCC? I know I personally spent hours upon hours, just sitting in the lobby with friends, waiting to play just a single game or two. It would really show a lot about the company, if 343 Industries would release the digital version of the game to the people that logged the most hours in MCC within the first month of release, even just a week or two early. Most people complained about MCC and got a refund, I know a few people who played through the bugs and deserve a reward, other than a free map. I’ve already pre-ordered and I’m patiently waiting, just thought it may be a good idea to help boost the series again.

Has this been discussed anywhere?

The thing about games, is that they’re usually getting hotfixed hours before release. Just because a game has gone “gold” and is being set for release doesn’t mean the product is fully finished yet nowadays. Day one patches are usually there for all those pesky bugs that would ruin your day if you had an early release. Also, wasn’t the point of MCC’s backlash to not release content before it’s finished. How would releasing an unfinished Halo 5 to a bunch of an that had to endure another Unfinished game’s release look toward Halo/343i. In my mind, not very good.