Halo 5 doesn't Re-install

I’m experiencing some issues with my xbox and only halo 5! I’ve been playing halo 5 on my brothers xbox recently and recoverd my account on his xbox. Later that evening when I got home, I wanted to play halo 5 on my own xbox one. But, then it said that I had to install Halo 5 again. This is -Yoink- because I’ve already installed Halo 5! But, then on, I installed Halo 5 which was 97,5gb large. It took over 2 hours and finally I wanted te play. But… than it wanted to install the game again. This time it was 51gb and it said… disc install. This is al ridiculous and I still can’t play the game and I don’t know what to do?!

Is there anyone experiencing the same issues as I’m having? And what is the solution?
Thanks :)!