Halo 5 doesnt install right

as soon as i click install, it goes to 23.04mb installed, then instantly finishes, to my eyes, i was dang that was pretty fast, come to find out the game is like 42gb and that right there is a red flag, telling me it isnt acutally installed. so i tried to boot it up, and all i get is a halo splash screen and it boots right out, and opens the halo launcher thing. ive had like 10 chats open to microsoft and xbox support and they couldnt do anything to fix it. so if anyone could help me get this game to get passed the splash screen and acutally install fully i will give you my kindney <3 <3 <3

Keep In Mind
I have more then enough space
I have need reqirements for recomended.
windows 10 is fully updated.
I reset the store
reinstalled halo 5 multiple times (well tried)
restarted the computer after install.