Halo 5 digital download

So if you pre-order the game from xbox store you can download it right now and it will be playable when it finally releases? If you bought the disk you would have to come home than download the whole game which would take forever? So what im asking is wouldn’t it be faster to pre order it from the store so you can download it and it be ready for release oppose to buying the disk and coming home and downloading the disk?

Yes, it would be much faster to go digital.

They said the game will begin installation on the 20th. Mine is queued up and waiting.

this topic has been discussed hundreds of times… but i will clarify. You pre-order digital, you will download a 40mb file and this just authenticates that you have purchased the game. On 10/20 you will be able to start downloading the full game (a week ahead of release), then on 12:01 10/27 you will be able to jump in and play. Digital is faster.

Sweet thanks :slight_smile:

Correction: in scientific terms
the 40mb file contains the NoBR (no blu ray) key, preorder license, internal clock timer, and artwork icon stuff… then it’ll download later (on the 20th if you have your system suspended)