Halo 5>De$tiny

Halo 5 has been getting some heat from some people lately (No Split-Screen, no playable Elites) but hey at least 343i doesn’t charge you extra money for the story and makes a story that actually makes sense. They also revamped the MP with a variety of gamemodes and not just different variations of slayer or “clash” and actually balance all the weapons. So to the people that keep on saying Bungie would do a better job with Halo, well I’m sorry to say but the Bungie that made Halo isn’t the same Bungie anymore. Halo 5 will sweep Destiny: The Taken King this year. There is an argument on the Destiny forums right now about the topic just to let you guys know and the things that people are saying there to defend Destiny are laughable.

The Reason I play Destiny is to kill time for Halo 5, I personally don’t like the MCC because I played the hell out of those games during their days. For the people that look at my profile lol.

Wait… Destiny has a story?

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> Wait… Destiny has a story?

Yeah on those cards but not the game which is NOT good.

I couldn’t get into Destiny, I mean the graphics were decent quality. But the game as a whole had no substance, no story…nothing to attach me to it or capture my imagination. It was all flash and show, zero zero substance!

And the PvP maps suck pretty bad, for the most part.

lets be real
h4 > reach => destiny

you cant tell me that hunters arent OP. that rocket launcher everyone wants is nooby and the vex caster thing is flat out broken.

as far as story non existant and the enemies are lacking they either run away backwards from you, stand there and get shot, or charge at you

theres no strategy just be a hunter, get the gallihorn (sp?), two weapons with boosted aim assist and fwc/dead orbit armor and you win.

Destiny is no Halo, and Activision is no saint (20 bucks for emoticons for those who dont want to buy the game twice? SERIOUSLY?!?)

But this thread isnt necessary.

I still can’t believe Bungie went the only online route and payed off the story for grinding online crap. What happened to them and providing a balance of all elements instead of one.

You know it’s such a shame because Destiny’s gameplay is pretty damn solid. The game would be a shining gem if much hadn’t been cut or delayed because Activision got greedy ONCE AGAIN. (Seriously we all know how they are, why do developers keep going to them? Doesn’t anyone have standards anymore?)

You know I wish Microsoft had kept Bungie on rather than let them go but allowed them creative freedom while passing Halo off to the then newly formed 343. Might have had a better Destiny that way…

I loved the idea of Destiny. I actually went to PS4 to play for a while. Then… I noticed that a lot of their promises were never fulfilled. And I couldn’t take it. I spent the 250 on the ghost edition, and didn’t even download the included updates, because I just got bored with it. I was at almost a 3.0 K/D with hundreds of games played, and it was just easy. That being said, if they actually brought in the things they claimed to have, (i.e. story, ACTUAL use of factions, texts from friends to your phone, more than just 3 pieces of armor to strive for at the high level, etc), I would have enjoyed playing while waiting for Halo 5.

But… I digress. I will stick with MCC Halo 4, waiting for Halo 5.

While this may not be suited for this forum section, I feel like adding my thoughts.

As with what was mentioned, Destiny came short of its promises (chopped up and resold story, unfulfilling grinding, and my personal favorite “Hey, you see those mountains?”). But one thing I’d like to add is characters to that list. What I mean is character attachment, or lack thereof. In the original trilogy of Halo, there were plenty of characters one could get attached to, even if there in game presence, or appearance in the lore was short/shortlived. Where as in Destiny, the characters are just… there, some who aren’t even necessary to what little story Destiny has. In Halo, we’ve had those characters that we might have grown attached to be killed. In Destiny, we only saw a random dead Gaurdian, who probably wouldn’t have stayed dead if his ghost wasn’t caught.

Its interesting to see this change in a studio such as Bungie, but I suppose that happens when you sign up with a publisher such as Activision.

Destiny is probably the biggest disappointment I have had with a game purchase. I even bought the ghost edition, so that makes it sting even more.

One we thing that Destiny lacked that Halo has that has yet to be mentioned is some great vehicles, and vehicle battles. Destiny have very few options other than the sparrow, pike, and tannish thing that I don’t remember the name of. This made the story feel less epic without the big tools of distractions around to play with. Even though I am not a vehicle player in MP matches the lack of them was felt. Just another way in which Bungie went backwards on top of everything already mentioned by others in this thread.

This is basically how Destiny competitive multiplayer works; Be a bladedancing Hunter, spam the -Yoink- out of blink, have Thorn, Felwinter’s Lie shotgun, Tomorrow’s Answer Rocket launcher with proximity detonation and you’re good to go.

Absolutely no variety. I’m beginning to get fed up with that stupid multiplayer. Everyone uses blink shotgun and it’s an absolute nightmare when you play up against a team who are mostly made of bladedancing hunters and sunsinger warlocks with revive. It’s miserable as hell.

Not sure this is the correct area for this discussion. However…

The underlying gameplay mechanics of Destiny are pretty solid. However, it’s lack of interesting characters and thin story were massively disappointing. Also with the fact that the PvP mode isn’t even worth playing until you’ve leveled up significantly (and even the it isn’t anything to write home about) and the entire game is always online, I got bored of the game really quickly. It’s just such a grind. I still have it and I can’t decide to try and mop up the remaining achievements (probably not worth it) or just flat out trade it in.

Bungie isn’t the same company it was. Various people have left, a handful went to 343i, others for greener pastures. If Destiny is any indication of Bungie’s quality of product then I am glad that they handed over the reins to 343i.

Just my opinion.

No! I come here to get away from games like Destiny. Now all I can think about is not getting a certain rocket launcher because the game is too busted to award loot which correlates with player level and stage.

Well the point of this thread was to say that no matter the developer for Halo split-screen was obviously a feature that would’ve been cut by 343i or Bungie and to tell some of the people that are “Bungie fanboys” that just because if Bungie was behind the making Halo 5 doesn’t mean that it would be a good game the example being Destiny. 343i is so far doing a great job with the Halo franchise(Excluding some of the failures with the MCC) They are constantly listening to us the fan base and our feed back to make Halo 5 a better game to play. Something Bungie rarely does nowadays.

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