Halo 5 cut-scenes audio bug please help

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hello i was playing the campaign on halo 5 the other day worked fine i played all the way up to mission 10 so i went back to try it yesterday and now all my cut-scenes across the entire game and glitch and now all the voices of the characters have close to no sound and what little sound they do have is all muffled as if they are talking into a pillow. this had been bugging me now since yesterday and i really want to finish the story but i dont know how to fix this issue. and before anyone say yes i have hard reset and closed the app. nobody is giving me any helpful advice this is the 3rd time ive posted this issue and nobody will help. so please, please if anybody know a fix for this problem let me know FFS

I’m having the same problem I had audio upnto mission 8 then the voices just disappeared if you find a solution plz let me know