Halo 5 customization and rewards

the halo 5 customization in halo 5 is pretty crappy only being able to change the helmet and armor, i miss changing the whole spartan. but what i licked most was earning the armor from completing missions and achievements. this was the best but now you have to buy req packs and the armor is all up to chance to see what you get. half the time you get a new emblem or something. is it to late to fix this, 343 you should really put new way to get Armour so it is much more enjoyably. anybody else agree.

and i repeated halo 5 :frowning:

I’m alright with some REQ armors, but most you should have to earn.

It’s also really lame that stuff like Helioskrill can be unlocked by chance, while some of us worked for it.