Halo 5 Custom Games: Infection

Hey Halo Fans- I figured with the new release of Forge I’d like to address Infection as a Game Type for a possible Future Update in Halo 5.

I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time. Going through forums all over the net in regards to how others think it would work and how others think it just wouldn’t be a good addition anymore. I’d like to give my position/thoughts on the matter, and if you’d read it and possibly give me your opinion/feedback on what I have to say. That would be awesome. Lets get started!

Now in the Old Games, Infection wasn’t ever really a very customization Game Type. Realistically, the most customization we got in it was due to some of the amazingly talented Forge Maps our Community created for the Game Type itself. Such as the Original Fat Kid, Toilet, Predator, Jenga Tower, etc. These are just some of the best examples (in my opinion) that can come up with on the top of my head. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not denying the mode itself had customization- I’m just saying if it weren’t for The Forge, it wouldn’t have been what it turned out to be.

Infection changed Heavily in Halo 4 and well, without the Modifications that got made through the Community Modder’s, it was a very basic Game Mode. The one thing I have to say I appreciated most about Halo 4’s Infection/Flood mode was quite literally the fact that we got to be the Flood. A Flood Infected Spartan to be Precise. I always adored this concept, however the Flood Models themselves… well,**it just didn’t look right to me.**
**I always thought that it would have been interested to have a Model that was almost… ‘interchangeable’. Now, I’m not saying this in the sense of it changing so drastically that it would modify the hit box, no. I’m saying that there could be different skins for the Models. Allowing for a more immersive version of ‘The Flood’ Game Mode. Another interesting thing I found odd about it was the addition of the ‘Permanent’ Flood Sword. I always thought this really took away from the customization of the Mode itself. We weren’t allowed to turn off Thruster’s, The Sword and it just kind of made the mode itself feel lack luster. Especially with some of the extremely well made maps that the Community was coming up with.

Now, with Halo 5’s Release of Forge- I think this alone allows for hundreds of possibilities for this Game Mode. The Flood need to be brought back, but in a more ‘Infection’ Game Mode type of way. This is a list of what I’d like to see for a possible Infection Game Mode in the Future;

  • Ability to Switch Between Classic Infection with Spartan Models and The Flood Infection Mode Models - Multiple Flood Skins for Added Immersion - Ability to Enable and Disable Weapon Pickup - No Forced Survivor Colors unless Defined by Game Type Creator - No Forced Spartan Abilities on Infected/Survivors unless Defined by Game Type Creator
    5.1 No Forced Flood Sword unless Defined by Game Type Creator
    5.2 Enable/Disable Ability to Drive Vehicles as Defined by Game Type Creator - Flood Infected Weaponry(?) - Ability to enable/disable the Infected Vision Filter form Halo 4 if Defined by Game Type Creator - Ability to enable/disable the newly added Halo 5 ‘Machinima’ mode as Defined by Game Type Creator - Any and All of the Original Infection Options brought back from Halo 3 and Reach alongside being Expanded Upon for Further Game Type Customization---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I sincerely enjoy Halo 5 and its Forge. For years I’ve enjoyed Infection. To see it return with more options and customization. I think it would be amazing. Anyway, let me know what you all think! Thanks for reading!

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> Another interesting thing I found odd about it was the addition of the ‘Permanent’ Flood Sword. I always thought this really took away from the customization of the Mode itself.

Technically, this wasn’t a player model issue. The Flood models had all of the same animations as the normal ones, and supported arbitrary weapons. Weapons would clip, but that was a minor cosmetic issue… which led 343i to decide to disable weapon settings, and never enable them again. :\

As it stands, Halo 2 Anniversary offers almost everything you’ve asked for, except for multiple Flood skins. (You can disable the one Flood skin that is available, though.) In general, Halo 2 Anniversary had very well-scripted gametypes with tons and tons of cool features; it’s an absolute shame that the MCC didn’t work out. Hopefully, 343i will salvage as many parts as they can from it.