Halo 5 Custom Game: Parasite Queen

Hello! I’m Zylon, a dedicated Halo fan on Xbox One that loves the game and community. My newest goal is to create a CTF variant inspired by the Metroid Prime series and the first boss, Parasite Queen.

I’ll describe a bit of it. Players will spawn upon the platform that Samus originally lands on. Red players will be able to see her Ship on the Landing Pad whereas Blue players will have Ridley (debating based on object limit). Players will run through a large map (Used from the map Entombed) that is based around the Space Station in Metroid Prime. When they reach the middle, they must fight the Parasite Queen, which I am currently debating if she will be controlled on her own somehow or by a Green team member. I’m no expert on the Reaper gametype or Forge even, so I’m not sure what.
Once destroyed, players must grab the flag that will drop from the ceiling and battle for it. The score is 1 flag, so players that bring the flag back to their “Boss” win the round.

My newest goal is, however, hard to achieve, and I’ve quickly lost encouragement on the project, as the forge controls are entirely new to me. I’m not sure what to do and I feel too proud to ask for help.

But I’m not sure what else to do. Any chance someone can answer?

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Well I have no idea how you would even fit all of that in one forge map, and if you did I don’t think the boss would take up any less than half the map space.
I have some ideas on how it could work, but I’m not a great forger and don’t have lots of free time.

My idea is for the Green player to control a Wraith inside the “shield” where the Parasite Queen is. Some cosmetics or whatever, and it’ll be good. Players will likely shoot the turret or throw in grenades.

I don’t have full details, but I am fully aware that the forge limit is there and was hoping to work with it.

Appreciate the words, though.