Halo 5 crashing since Cartographer's gift

So when I downloaded the update for this game, it would immediately crash my game and it wouldn’t start up. I re-downloaded the entire game again (updates included since I have a digital copy) and now I am experiencing crashes in the middle of Warzone matches. Before it would crash right as the match started and now it is crashing mid-game of Warzone so I can’t even finish a match. Very frustrating. I really don’t want to have to re-download the entire game a 3rd time. Anyone else experiencing this?

I experienced crashes on warzone after the update as well. I contacted the Microsoft support and they told me to reset the Mac Address and do a power cycle on the Xbox. Now warzone is running smoothly for me. Hope this helps!

Yeah I tried this as well but I’m still crashing in Warzone. I just played maybe 5-6 games of Arena and didn’t experience any issues but the last game I attempted to play it crashed before we found a match. I’m not sure what else to try other than re-download the entire game again but even so I did that before and it never fixed my issues.

Anyone else have this issue? I’ve already tried re-downloading, clearing the cache, resetting MAC address and I’m still getting crashes in the middle of Warzone games and sometimes it crashes before an Arena match but never during it (in my experience so far the last few days).

Haven’t had this issue until tonight. Could not complete a single warzone match. The last one was 1 min from victory (defense) in the middle of a killing spree and just had acquired Ravening Silver off an opponent and called in an overshield and speed boost when it crashed straight to Xbox Home screen. It’s driving me through the roof! I hope a power cycle fixes it tomorrow.